Chewing Gum Chasers

orbit sweet mintBetcha can’t eat just one?  Lays coined this oh so true phrase to describe their potato chips.  Betcha can’t have just one bite pretty much describes eating sweets.  The first bite is intoxicating and immediately induces cravings for more.  Before you know it, one bite of a cookie or brownie ends up with every last crumb nowhere to be seen.

As a baker, I have to test my products.  I wouldn’t serve anything to anyone that I have not tried personally.   So you can imagine how hard it is for a sweetaholic like myself not to want to eat sugary treats all day.  Thankfully, I discovered something that has been wonderful for allowing me to taste my baked goods while not eating them all at the same time – chewing gum.   Ironically, my favorite go to gum is Orbit’s Sweet Mint.

If I pop in a piece of gum right after tasting a brownie almost immediately the sweet chocolaty taste is replaced by the overpowering flavor of mint.  The chewing of the gum keeps my mouth busy when it thinks it should be chewing additional bites of brownie.  These chewing gum chasers as I call them have spared me thousands of calories.

Whether you are a baker or not, if you want to truly, “just have a bite”, keep a piece of gum handy and your probability of not polishing off that treat will improve greatly.

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