The Emergency Cupcake

Confetti SprinklesBirthday parties, class room parties, holiday play dates, when you’re a parent of a child with nut allergies these seemingly happy events can terrify you. That’s because we know that there will be sweet treats and the odds that they are safe are slim to none. Sure they may not have nuts in them, like the cupcake pictured here, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk.  Bakeries pride themselves on their peanut butter and nut creations.  In doing so, they pose a risk for cross contamination.

So for moms, like me, that means always being prepared with a safe “emergency cupcake”.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cupcake but it’s important to have on hand a treat just as good as whatever is being served, because lets face it, having a nut allergy doesn’t mean our kids don’t deserve sweet treats just as much as any other child.

Some tips to help you always have handy your emergency cupcake:

-Bake cupcakes in advance and freeze them.  They can safely be frozen for up to a month without any freezer burn.  Before you freeze your cupcake, decorate it, buttercream icing or even whipped icing will freeze well.

-Go to Michaels and buy some single cupcake boxes so you can transport your cupcake without a mess.

If you have a party to go to, just take out the cupcake about an hour before you leave put it in a box and go.

For those pesky unexpected birthday or other random celebrations in school, you can keep a treat in your child’s backpack.  Cake pops travel well.  Chocolate dipped rice cereal treats, cookies or even brownies are good solutions too.  If packed well these items could last the school week in a back pack.  You can freeze the rest of the batch and take them out one at a time.  Some may go to waste but better a wasted brownie than a child who sits eating gold-fish while the rest of the class ate a fun sweet treat.

If you’re not a baker what-so-ever, than seek out a commercial nut free bakery and buy a freeze some treats.  I happen to have a nut free bakery (Dreamy Desserts) and know of many others so there are options out there.

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